Tremsis can provide almost any computer component available. We do not hold stock, only buying when you place your order. This ensures you get the most competitive price at the time of purchase.

We are happy to provide purchasing advice, whether you purchase from us or from a major retailer - we want you to get the best possible price for your hardware!

External Hard Drives

- External and portable hard drives
- Use your existing hard drives from notebook or desktop computers


- Extension cables for keyboards and mice
- Extension cables for Monitors
- USB Extension Cables

Custom Built Computers and Servers

- Home Theatre Computers
- Servers with reduntant storage
- Gaming computers
- Office workstations

Wired or Wireless Networking Hardware

- Wireless Access Points
- Wireless Expansion Cards
- USB Wireless Adapters
- Wireless Routers/ADSL Modems
- Wireless ADSL Modems

LCD Monitors

- Widescreen LCD DVI and HDMI Monitors
- Dual Monitor Systems

Keyboards and Mice

- Wired
- Wireless
- Laser and Optical Mice


- Black and White Laser
- Colour Laser
- Colour Inkjet

Memory (RAM)

- Give your existing computer a performance increase with more RAM
- Notebook
- Desktop
- Server

Hard Drives

- Redundant Hard Drives
- Hard Drive Upgrades